A story as told to me by Gavin

“We were given this assignment to write a story: it had to be about a brother and sister and how they wanted a pet. And I was like, YEAH! Because we never to get to write stories.

So, this girl named Rose is kind of punk rock, but she also loves pockets and she really wants a hamster because it would fit in her pocket. Anyway, her brother is kind of a nerd, a science nerd, and he really wants a dog. After parent/teacher conferences, their mom tells them they did so well that they can pick a pet. But there’s a catch! They can only have one pet.

In the car, they’re thinking about which pet they want. Rose thinks about being a model on the red carpet and she has this amazing outfit with this pocket on her shoulder and she wins this contract and journalists are interviewing her about winning and she says, ‘I didn’t win. It’s all because of my hamster.’

And the brother – Matt! His name is Matt! – is thinking about being in a rocket ship, mapping the galaxy, and his dog, a Great Dane, is wearing a space helmet and has its own compartment in the spaceship. Then the Great Dane points, and that’s how Matt discovers a new planet. When he gets back to Earth, he tells reporters that he’s not the hero; it’s actually his dog that discovered the new planet.

When the mom asks them which pet they want, Rose answers, ‘A hamster, of course.’ And Matt says, ‘I’m sorry, but Rose is mistaken; we want a dog.’

Rose says, ‘A great slobbering, messy, biting thing? No, we don’t want a dog!’

The mom says they have to compromise.

Later, they sit in their room – they share a room – and think about what pet they want. Rose thinks if she can’t have something that fits in her pocket, she’d like something soft that snuggles in her lap. So they get a cat. And on the way home from the shelter, Rose asks Matt what they’re going to do next, and Matt says, ‘I’ve built a rocket ship and we can launch her in it! It’ll be astounding science!’

Rose is horrified.

I should also mention that Rose has red hair and Matt has blond. I didn’t put those details in the story, but they’re true. Also, I didn’t write much about the mom because it wasn’t about her.”

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