The Apple Store clerk asks the kid what we’re up to today.

“I’m shopping for a purse.”

“You are?” she says. “What kind of purse are you looking for?”

“Well,” he says, “I’m not sure. A Hello Kitty one.”

“Oh!” she says. “I love Hello Kitty. I have a daughter and she has a Hello Kitty jacket.”

“No way!”

“I’m serious,” she says.

“I have Hello Kitty Lego. She’s cooking in a kitchen.”

“I didn’t know she could cook.”

“She totally can.”

“Wow. She’s so versatile.”

“Mary has Hello Kitty yoga pants.”

“That’s very cool.”

“It really is,” he agrees.

Before bed we watch the Sheila Ki Jawani – Tees Maar Kaan video for like the thousandth time. He loves her. He currently alternates between Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and the Bollywood dance number whenever he’s walking around singing to himself. When I was pregnant, I was afraid I’d have a daughter who wanted to play Barbie and tea party. I’d get the kind of girl my mother had wanted. Instead, I have a boy who loves to have his nails painted, and wants to replay Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold video. Asking, each time, why that guy keeps running away.

People love to tell you about some study where boys were given dolls and pretended they were guns. And girls were given tools, and pretended they were dolls. I kind of think we miss the point much of the time with children. Their spectrum of gender may be a wide one.

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  1. That has been my experience of raising kids too. One memory that stands out is my oldest at four playing in the park with a bunch of girls who suddenly start running away from him. I hear the girl in the lead turn around and shout “You can’t play with us, you’re not a princess!” Nick tearfully and indignantly shouted back “But I AM a princess! I AM!”

    Rock on, Hello Kitty.

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