Body dialogue

Brain:  What do you mean, you agreed to a 10K Trail Run?

Mouth:  You’ve been thinking about it, too.

Brain:  Sure, the way I think about chucking it all and running away to New Zealand to raise goats.  Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Mouth:  You could have stopped me, Smart Guy.

Brain:  Oh, so this is MY fault?

Legs:  Wait, wait, what’s happened?

Brain:  Apparently, we’re training for a 10K run.

Legs:  No thank you.

Lungs:  Why would we do that?

Mouth:  Quit your bitching.  We’ve agreed.  And it’s final.

Brain:  Maybe one of our knees could give.

Legs:  Shut up, you.

Brain (to mouth):  Why did you tell her yes?  Why did you even engage in the conversation?  You know she’s got us all figured out.

Mouth:  I couldn’t help it.  None of us can help it.  You know that better than I do.  Anyway, we’ve agreed.  And it’ll be good for us.  We’ve been saying for ages that we wanted to be fit and lean again.

Brain:  We meant yoga.

Legs (among themselves):  We never get any say in this.

Stomach:  I know what you’re all thinking and you can just lay off.  It’s not my fault.  This is where everything ends up, but I didn’t start any of this.  I am not responsible for the state we’re in.

Brain:  We all know who’s responsible for this.

Mouth:  Fuck off.

Brain:  Just sayin’.

Mouth:  You do your job and I’ll do mine.

Stomach:  Oh, just drop it, can’t you?  First carrots and yogurt for lunch, and now this.

5 thoughts on “Body dialogue”

  1. Hilarious. “Just drop it. . . first carrots and yogurt, and now this.”

    Seriously, a 10K run? Not a walk? Not a 10K bike ride? Running the entire way?

  2. A 10K trail run — running the entire way — with two preposterously fit people who run half marathons on a semi-regular basis. The insanity in this scenario is just lethal.

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