It’s not your job, women, to be nice. Nice is bullshit. Nice is holding you back. You do not have to be nice to anyone.

You do not need to make peace with intrusive special snowflakes who have decided to be nice today but in general are infected assholes.

There is no relationship that you owe appeasement.

That’s what nice is. Nice is polite and phony. Nice is what we have been trained to be with passive aggressive drama bombs. Don’t upset her! Be nice! Be the bigger person!

It’s irrelevant that someone who is a dick to you is cool with other people. A dick is a dick is a dick is a dick. I’m pretty sure Gertrude Stein meant to say that.

I don’t understand women who try to force other women to get along. Fuck you. I don’t have to get along with anyone. I can ignore any motherfucker I choose. If you want to hold the rope, then hold the rope, but don’t try to get me to stand there with you like this is sisterhood.

Do you know how we are powerful? We are powerful when we are kind. We are powerful when we are self contained. We are powerful when we don’t tolerate bullshit or try to coax others into tolerating bullshit.

Forgiveness is overrated. You work on your boundaries to stay safe. And anyone who would dismantle those boundaries with pretty speeches or guilt trips or some misguided agenda of solidarity at any cost should stop trying to fix shit that isn’t broken.

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