Drum circle

I have a djembe drum, and used to play it for Gavin when he was an infant, and sing nursery rhymes.  He’d dance in this joyful, mad way.

Last night, a buddy of mine played in a drum circle onstage, and various members of the circle jumped up to dance a kind of tribal gyration.  It was mesmerizing. Gavin danced, and looped in circles with a bunch of other little kids, and the rest of the audience watched, our hips and feet and shoulders wanting so much to join.  And why didn’t we?  Why were the kids so much freer?  We all wanted to dance.  You could feel the thundering drums calling our lizard brains.  You could hear the desperate, yearning heartbeats of bonfires in the dark.

Even now I feel it stoked inside me.

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