Of Two Minds: A Reflexive Argument

One mind: I’m the middle child of modern feminism. My older sisters broke ground, are radical, and kind of stiff, and like to give lectures. My younger sisters are dressing like Johnny Rotten and can take their girlfriends to prom with the wholehearted approval of their parents, teachers, and peers. And me, I keep my head down and work jobs alongside guys for the same wage and vote and play competitive sports. The assumption has always been that I can do whatever I have a mind to.

The other mind: Sure, it’s exactly like that. Good work with the historical detail. And now we have nothing to strive toward, is that your argument? We’re all good with equality in marriage, and adoption, and foster parenting. Women pay the same as men for comparable health insurance. No one ever harasses you about having a girlfriend.

One mind: Of course there’s work to be done. I’m just trying to figure out how I fit in. LGBTQI sounds like the artist formerly known as prince to me. 

The other mind: It’s an effort to be inclusive.

One mind: Right, this box is bigger than that one. 

The other mind: So find another way to think about it.

One mind: But this is my problem. I don’t even have a language for my struggle. I’ve always identified as bisexual, and taken criticism from everybody.

The other mind: Can you blame them? Pick a side already. You want to have your cock, and eat cunt too.

One mind: Don’t make me laugh. I’m upset.

The other mind: I get that. You’re upset because your language is failing you.

One mind: The old stories don’t apply to me. They aren’t about my experience. 

The other mind: Write new stories. Ignore your lizard brain tendencies of dark=monster and cold=starve and write new stories.

One mind: Ignore context?

The other mind: Much as you are already. 

One mind: And then?

The other mind: Start here, right? And walk until you’re there. Once you’re there, walk a little further.

One mind: Baby steps? This is your strategy?

The other mind: Ground gained is gained ground.

One mind: A bigger box.

The other mind: Think of it as a garden. Another few inches for the zucchini.

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