Yesterday, while strolling around the house, I dropped in on a conversation between a couple of my characters.  And then, another scene, and another.  Just like that.  After 6 weeks of nothing, I get three in a row. 

Last night, I dreamt a couple of incidents from the final chapters.  Why now?  Clearly my brain has been working through things on its own.  The scenes and conversations work.  They feel right, and sound right.  I can’t wait to set them down.

2 thoughts on “Reawakening”

  1. What do you do when you write something that feels and sounds wrong? When it’s on the page –there! a direction! — but it feels… wrong?

    Do you ever just go with it and hope for the best?

  2. I write through it, and then keep turning it over in my mind, and, hopefully, spot the problem. Usually writing forward helps me sort out what didn’t work, or wasn’t authentic about an earlier scene. I’ve never been a major fan of deletion.

    But so much of that has to do with style, doesn’t it? Do you sketch, and keep moving forward, or keep working on the scene, variation after variation, until you feel it?

    I find, especially with details of place, that they’ll get more specific when I return to the scene, and will be fairly vague the first time through.

    I rarely write at night because I tend to lean toward maudlin when it’s dark.

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