Do you know how you wage war on women? First you say that you need to redefine rape. Rape only happens when a woman is knocked unconscious and sufficiently brutalized. Then you say that the murder of abortion care providers is justifiable homicide because the shooter is obviously attempting to protect the unborn. Then you take all federal dollars away from Planned Parenthood. Poor women don’t need access to birth control. In fact, no women need access to birth control. Because women shouldn’t be having sex unless they’re married. And when they’re married, you’ll decide when they have sex and when they have children.

In fact, you’ll decide when all women have children. Why allow anyone to have an abortion? It’s immoral. This isn’t a medical procedure, it’s a sin. The GOP and their love of the unborn. Naturally, it’s their deep and abiding love for the unborn. Their restrictions on abortion aren’t about controlling women. They aren’t about the fact that women with children tend to make significantly less money than their male counterparts. Children are cheap and easy to take care of. Child care is readily available. Financial aid is easy to receive. Anyway, there are strong Christian families anxious to adopt all over this country. We’ll take your baby. So long as you aren’t a dirty drug addict with a history of mental illness. You aren’t, right? You’re just a whore.

We’ll decide for women. We know what’s best. Women are nurturers. They’re supposed to be home nurturing. Not out in the workforce. Not at political rallies. Not working for progressive causes of social uplift. Women don’t need access to choice and opportunity. Those things belong to the virtuous sons of Adam.

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