Since we get Gavin for the first half of break this year, we celebrated on Solstice. It feels marvelously subversive to celebrate ahead of time. A couple of weeks ago at school, the children were all writing essays on Christmas and one of the kids said that his favorite thing about Christmas was that you get to be kind to everybody.

His teacher reminded him that kindness is something we should strive for every day. That you don’t need a holiday to be kind.

We don’t need holidays to give one another gifts or recognize our relationships either, but let’s be honest, presents are fucking awesome. And I’m grateful to sit with my family while they tear off the wrapping and hop excitedly. I’m grateful to share joy with them.

I will never neglect the opportunity to celebrate. Last night the dark went on and on, bringing winter. Inside, I got socks, sleds, art, and sunglasses. We read Axe Cop and Stuff of Legend. We read Son of Neptune. We thought of you, friends. We ate risotto. This is our finest pagan legacy: to laugh together in a bright place as winter falls.

3 thoughts on “Solstice”

  1. It’s a very sweet thing to be reminded of the primal joy of gift-giving. Thanks for that. I get cynical about it this time of year; I have, always, since my mother passed away. The obligation of it all, at Christmas. But you’re right. You’re so right: why should we be cynical about an opportunity to celebrate?

    Happy Gift-giving Time, Jill.

  2. Happy gift-giving time to you as well, Shelly! I watched the original Muppet Movie with the kid this week, and thought of you. I think I missed how funny Kermit was when I was a kid. My favorite moment is when they’re shooting the movie at the end and the director shouts, “Everybody stay in focus!” Awesome.

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